Marketing Trends in 2020 & Statistics to Focus On This Year

5 Statistics & Trends That Will Shape Marketing in 2020!

Marketing statistics play such a huge role in the world we live in. Every day we see new marketing trends, new forms of technology, and strategies that are paving the way to improve branding, attract customers, and attain a higher ROI. The last thing you want to be is late in the game and reactive in your marketing approach. There are several marketing trends in 2020 you should consider, but we’ll cover 5 of the top statistics that will shape the start of the new decade!

  • Display Advertising

More than two-thirds of national digital display advertising is programmatic, with the most popular display ads being website banners, native ads, and social media ads. (Match Craft, 2018) So, the next time you’re playing a game on your phone or looking at your ex’s Facebook to see where they are vacationing, remember the ads you see are from companies that see you as a fit for their target demographic. It might seem creepy, but they know you want to buy what they’re selling based on your search history and online behavior. That’s the point!

  • Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is one of the fastest-growing ways to market a brand. Whether you’re paying for ads, posting about a brand or product, or encouraging your followers to contact you about your service or buy your product, social media is an evolving trend in marketing in 2020. With over 3 billion people on various social media platforms globally (Statista, 2019), there is a strategy behind how to successfully market to your target audience and expand your brand awareness. 

  • Mobile Marketing

Let’s face it; you’re reading this blog on your phone right now, aren’t you? Most everything we do when we communicate, work, travel, etc. is done in the palm of our hands. You can respond to emails, call your mom, get directions and check your bank account all from your smartphone (just to name a few). That’s why it is so important that whatever you are marketing is accessible via mobile devices. From websites, landing pages, emails, and display ads, almost everything consumers see from a brand is most likely viewed on the phone first. In fact, 89% of people will recommend a brand to someone if they have a positive mobile experience. (Higher Visibility, 2019)

  • Websites

Has it been a while (and I mean A WHILE) since you’ve updated your website? Your business is thriving, revenue is increasing, but you aren’t exactly excited to share your website with potential customers or even peers. That’s because it’s probably time to improve it, and we highly recommend doing so! Consider this as part of your upcoming marketing budget if it’s been two or more years since you made any significant updates to your website. This is because 75% of consumers will judge a company’s credibility based on the design of their site. (socPub 2015) Something to keep in mind as well: updating your website does not mean you lose the integrity of your business. You don’t need a flashy or complicated website to sell your service or product. What sells is being credible, providing an excellent product/service, and following up with leads converted from your site quickly. A well designed and informative website can help with that process!

  • Marketing Automation

While we’ve only begun to scratch the surface in the marketing automation field, automated marketing will continue to make its mark and ROI for companies all over the world. In fact, marketing automation will produce 55% of multichannel marketing responses based on real-time behavior from customers by the year 2023, which will increase response rates by 25%. (Aumcore 2019) Think about how much valuable time is spent, and often lost, if following up with your database and leads aren’t done effectively and promptly. While this isn’t a cheap investment, when it comes to this marketing effort, the juice is worth the squeeze, and it will set you apart from competitors who are trying to take business from you.  

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