Find Your “Y”

Yes, we have a certain letter missing in our name. However, unlike the definition of serendipity, this was not a happy accident. Fun fact: “Y” actually means characterized by or inclined to.

With that in mind, we opted to ditch the Y because, at Serendipit, we aren’t inclined to making discoveries by accident. Instead, we strive to find the “why” in everything we do.

Our work is based on research, strategy, strong gut instinct, a lot of creative talent, with a bit of sass for flavor, all honed by years of experience.

The results we deliver are not by accident. We get results through sharp creative, PR and social media savvy.

Ready to find your Y?

Creative & Branding

Great branding and creative goes well beyond a cool logo. Branding is the nuanced art of actively molding your brand, messaging, and customer experience at every level.

Branding and great creative doesn’t just give your business a strong look, position, and reputation, it gives your business a brighter future.

Public Relations

Good PR is all about sharing the right info to the right places and the right people and telling them what they need to hear, rather than just what they want to hear.

Great PR is all that plus being proactive in idea generation and responsive in a crisis. Helping to build upon the brand reputation, to promote core values, enhance public perception, and strengthen community relations.

That’s where we come in.

Social Media

It’s hard enough to keep with all the social media platforms, much less know which ones to be active on and when. Our team is the brains behind social media strategy. We’ll tell you where you need to be posting, how often, and with what kind of content for the highest impact on your business. We’ll even help you create trending content!

Strategy & Ideation

Strategy involves setting goals, determining actions to achieve those goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the plan to reach those goals.

Ideation is the creativity behind how you implement those goals. Ideation comprises all stages of a creative thought cycle—from innovation to development to actualization.

Whether it’s creative, PR, or social media—the importance of strategy and ideation will always remain a constant.

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