Marketing Strategy

Achieving lasting marketing success goes beyond the trick of the week being peddled on LinkedIn. We work with clients to develop a solid strategy directly linked to your business goals and brand differentiators.

This isn’t 30,000-foot consulting—our team tackles complex challenges head-on, getting in the weeds with our clients to craft strategies and recommend tactics that drive consistent results.

For most of our clients, we’re not going to start from scratch—what you’ve been doing is probably kind of working. We’re not in the business of kind of at Serendipit. By auditing past marketing efforts, we start collecting insights to turn them into a strategy that wows. Keep us on retainer, and marketing becomes the machine that feeds your business.

Each client is unique, so you’ll get some kind of combination of the following deliverables: 

  • Workshops
  • Marketing Audit
  • Competitive Analysis
  • ROI Evaluation
  • Goal Alignment
  • Tactic Analysis and Creation
  • Marketing Plan + Strategy Creation
  • Ongoing Support

A Brand That Means Something

A brand’s true significance is not always fully understood and can be mistaken for a tagline, logo, or ad campaign. Your brand is a vital component of your business strategy, serving as the beating heart of your enterprise. A spectacular and well-defined brand essentially becomes a blueprint that shapes both a customer’s experience and the engagement of your employees. 

Our team will interview your team and customers and complete sentiment research to understand how your brand’s values and position are understood. If there is even the slightest bit of uncertainty or confusion, our team will host a brand workshop to re-align and strengthen your positioning. 


  • Brand research
  • Brand workshop
  • Logo revamp
  • Positioning development
  • Brand Implementation

Sales & Process Optimization

Why aren’t your leads closing? Marketing is probably telling you they are hitting all their KPIs while Sales is complaining about the quality of the leads, right?

It’s a tale as old as CRMs. 

Bring Serendipit in to examine your current marketing and sales performance, pinpoint strengths, and outline areas for growth. We don’t play favorites and excel at identifying funnel breakdowns.

After the initial audit and recommendations, we’ll train your team to optimize processes, close more leads, and provide better data. Choose an ongoing retainer, and we’ll hold them accountable for KPIs and improving your bottom line. 


  • Sales + Marketing Audits
  • Sales Process Evaluation
  • Sales Training
  • CRM Set Up
  • Process Optimization
  • Ongoing Evaluation

Tag Us In For Team Building

Your team is the foundation of your company’s success, and you can’t train a trainwreck. Let’s evaluate your current team and assess whether you have the right people in the right places. If needed, we will help you replace where needed, hire the correct people for defined roles, and train a team that is passionate, skilled, and aligned with your company’s culture and values. On an ongoing basis, scorecards and reviews are perfected, ensuring your team knows where they stand…and if it’s on steady or uneven ground. 

Here’s how we approach team evaluation and building:

  1. Team Assessment
  2. Talent Acquisition
  3. Training and Development
  4. Performance Management

Build & Maintain Your Reputation

If you don’t have your reputation, what do you have? Our Reputation Management consulting services focus on establishing a baseline of your current sentiment, your competitor’s ranking and then establishing a strategy to curate and build your reviews while deftly handling any negative commentary. Tactics in our strategy include: 

Review Audit

Serendipit will thoroughly audit all existing review platforms to assess overall ratings and review sentiments. We’ll also compare your review profile with competitors and similar businesses in the industry.

Review Strategy + Plan

Following our audit, Serendipit will craft a targeted strategy to boost the number and quality of reviews and engagement on the most impactful platforms. This strategy will encompass:

  • Platform Maximization
  • Review Curation 
  • Strategic Placement
  • Response Strategy
  • Escalation Plan

Platform Setup

Serendipit recommends a variety of platforms for review management, depending on what makes the most sense for your company. 

Staff Training/Incentive Program

  • Scripts for Employees + Marketing
  • Incentive Programs

Automation Setup

  • Basic Autoresponders
  • Strategic Notifications

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