A brand name is a “first handshake” that tells a lot about a business’s personality—it's where customers form their first impression. Is your name clammy and weak or confident and bold?


When determining a name that best defines who you are, we ask about your history, objectives, key differentiators and short- and long-term aspirations. This along with a full competitive analysis of the landscape, inspires us to craft your brand name and story.

Our team works diligently at the drawing board. Through a combination of research , brainstorms, and broad experience, we carefully curate an initial list of options, which we then present to you. From there, your brand begins to blossom and we can take your "handshake" from feeble to firm.

Trying to get your name in the game, but not sure where to start?

Brand Positioning

A brand is only as successful as its position inside the minds of its employees and customers. Take control of your narrative, then keep it under control and on-brand.

Developing a successful brand is a jog, not a sprint. With Serendipit, it's an invigorating and enlightening journey that begins with identifying the who, the what, and most importantly, your why.

A simple questionnaire can only go so far. That's why we offer immersive brand exploration workshops where our branding team conducts a series of fun, informative, and insightful exercises designed to uncover your why.

By identifying your current and desired brand characteristics, we can apply those insights to craft every aspect of the aspirational brand-how it should sound, feel, look, and work.

Once we've established a clear vision, positioning, target audience, and Serendipit has brought your brand to life; it's time to incorporate collateral design, signage, social media, and more. Our creative team will craft a unique look and feel for your brand to ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Are you ready to stand out?

Campaign Creation

Having a cohesive, creative campaign is a gamechanger, especially in a highly saturated industry. Our team excels at creating campaigns that stand out from the noise and breakdown barriers of entry.

We do our research, identify insights and built the creative around the unique brand aspects and competitive landscape. Then, the selected campaign is put into action through whatever tactics we decide make strategic sense. We prefer and recommend that the selected campaign lives through all advertising and marketing materials, so we’ll work with you to make sure the brand marketing that we bring to life through our campaign also shows through on the website, in press materials, and more.

Creative Strategy

It’s not all brands and huge campaigns around here. Sometimes, we just like to come up with some really cool copy and design concepts. From some (dirty) greeting cards to collateral to eye-catching packaging, our team has the talent to take on any project that needs a little creative umph.

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