Social Media Strategy

If you’re posting just for the sake of it, without any rhyme or reason, don’t be surprised when you see no return.

Your social media efforts are only as successful as your strategy, so trying to build your brand and get results from social without a defined strategy can be totally counterproductive.

The content you post has the power to transform your brand into a household name and convert your followers to fans. However, this only happens when you have a solid content strategy.

It’s simply not enough to show up on every platform every once in a while and engage with your audience when you have the time. If your goal is to stand out amongst competitors, you must identify specific goals, create valuable posts that align with those goals, and then distribute your content across the right channels. Then you can measure your results and fine-tune your strategy accordingly over time.


Serendipit understands there isn’t any one size fits all social media strategy that guarantees success, and your strategy will differ depending on your audience and your industry, so we help you carefully develop and implement a plan that has longevity and helps your business grow.

Serendipit can help you cement your position as the go-to destination for your consumers and help you tell a consistent, cohesive, and compelling story on social media.

Start posting with purpose.


Of course you’ve love to rack up your followers but, as a business, it’s not just quantity you should be striving for but quality.

The greatest measure of social media success is an audience that’s engaged.

First, our expert team will analyze your engagement as it’s hard to measure growth if you’re not sure where you started. Then, we can customize a strategy according to your goals. We will help you understand your audience because engaging can be challenging when you’re unfamiliar with those you’re speaking to. Once you know who is following you and why you’d like to reach them, you can get to work on what to tell them, and ultimately, create and share valuable content.

Serendipit will help you develop this strategy, then track its success by continuously monitoring and measuring the metrics.

Social Media Audits

Nothing sounds less sexy or scary than the word “audit,” but it’s one of the nitty-gritty necessities for any brand looking to boost its attraction and social presence.

Once you’ve established your goals, Serendipit can take a good, hard look at the content you’ve created so far, determine which posts performed well, which ones fell flat and what platforms will offer the greatest potential for your brand. (Hint: less really is more.)

We have the tools to properly assess your social media data and analytics and get a holistic view of how all of your content is performing. From there, we can determine the best ways to target any disconnects and realign your content in order to reach your goals.

Content Creation

The process of planning your social content may sound tedious, but bad ever came from thinking ahead, and Serendipit is here to help you do just that.

Once you’re clear on goals and we’ve completed your social media content audit, we begin building a social media content calendar so we can take a bigger picture approach to content planning. A calendar allows us to visualize your ideas and organize them to make the overall strategy easier to execute. This calendar will be the hub for everything you post.

We have the tools to repurpose content and schedule it across various social platforms. We also have the expertise to understand which type of content thrives on which platform, who the primary audience is of that particular platform, and when peak posting times are across each.

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