Media Relations

Local. Regional. National. Serendipit's got ya covered. Every brand has a unique story to tell, and a PR strategy is highly undervalued as one of the best tools for sharing it.

We use PR strategy to help your business organize its media relations activities and make strategic decisions when determining the best ways to communicate with your target audience.

Without a clear and defined purpose, there is no measure of success. We've earned an outstanding reputation in the PR arena by consistently delivering targeted, comprehensive, and highly effective PR campaigns to our clients. With our services and strategies, we can help heighten consumer awareness and media recognition for brands and products alike.

The relationships we've formed and the credibility and trust we've built with top-tier media outlets worldwide give us the flex to meet your particular needs.

Tactical. Trustworthy. Professional. Accountable. Rest assured your reputation is in good hands with Serendipit.

Influencer Marketing

Moving markets. Making & breaking brands.

We live in the age of people openly sharing their experiences, opinions, insights, reviews, and recommendations for virtually any product, service, or aspect of life-solicited or not.

Word-of-mouth is one of the most important and lucrative forms of social media, and the most likely method to drive sales for your business, especially if that chatter is coming from a credible and highly regarded figure within your market.

Serendipit's PR team regularly collaborates with influencers across various markets and channels to promote our clients and expand their brand recognition, enhance reputations, boost audience engagement, and ultimately, increase conversations.

Who is moving your market?

Speaking Engagements

We find a location. You lend your expertise.

You have something important to say. We're simply helping you find the right places to say it.

Our team will help make certain you're ready to engage comfortably and effectively. Then, we will work to find the right speaking engagements and opportunities for you to share your knowledge.

How does positive publicity sound?

Crisis Communication

Don't play the blame game. Preparation is key.

People talk, and words seem to travel at the speed of light these days. In fact, it's likely there's a conversation circulating about your brand right now. Unfortunately, any time a conversation goes viral, it's usually negative.

It's less of an if and more of a when your organization has a PR crisis, and then it comes down to the HOW you performed under pressure when "no comment" is no longer an option. Don't get caught in cancel culture. Prepare for the IF and WHEN-NOW.

Serendipit can ensure your reputation stays off the line by creating an effective crisis communications strategy. Even better? Our expert team can sweat the stressful situations for you, from message management to media relations and stakeholder communications.

Protect your rep.

Community Outreach

Do it for the greater good.

Your business is doing great things to serve the community and working hard to give something back. Now is your chance to tell your story and support and engage with causes that are important to your audience in ways that speak to your bottom line.

Start by reaching out to us.

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