Micro-Influencer Marketing: What Is It and Why Is It Beneficial?

First, let’s talk about what micro-influencer marketing actually is. Hubspot defines micro-influencers as social media users unlike typical celebrities, experts, and public figures that work or specialize in a particular vertical and frequently share social media content about their interests. However, unlike the traditional “influencer,” micro-influencers have a much more modest follower count – typically in the 1,000 to 10,000 range, sometimes up to 100,000 but no more. 

So why, if you’re trying to grow your brand, would you seek out someone with a smaller follower base? Well, here are a few key reasons you might want to look into micro-influencer marketing.

Targeted Audiences 

Micro-influencers offer a unique opportunity for brands to speak directly to a more targeted segment of their audience. It’s like this: If you run a makeup brand and you partner with a big name celebrity on Instagram, every time that celebrity promotes your product it’s guaranteed to reach their hefty follower pool. However, it’s not guaranteed that every follower in that pool is a makeup enthusiast. Instead, dial it in and seek out 100 makeup bloggers with only a couple thousand followers each to connect with. Though smaller, this audience is far more targeted and therefore more engaged.


Micro-influencers often have very high engagement rates, even higher than those of traditional influencers. Having smaller, more niche audiences is one of the greatest benefits of influencer marketing as it humanizes the influencer and makes their position as experts on a product or in a specific field that much more trustworthy. Eliminating the massive fan-following allows influencers to connect with followers on a more personal level creating more tight-knit communities within a market.


Real people want to follow and engage with real people. One of the best Instagram marketing strategies that a successful micro-influencer knows to practice is constant communication. Replying to comments, answering questions, and just being intimate and present overall is key to winning the trust of consumers and building a strong brand identity. This kind of human-to-human connection translates through to consumers as authentic and genuine and ultimately encourages followers to put their trust in a brand or product. 


Micro-influencer marketing is cost-effective. An influencer with a few thousand followers will rarely ever run you the same rates as a celebrity or macro-influencer with a million followers. This is especially important for small businesses as they tend to be operating on limited budgets but can be just as useful for megacorporations looking to spend their fortune elsewhere. Micro-influencers are often more open to low-cost partnerships or trade opportunities where, in addition to monetary compensation, brands compensate in the form of free products. It’s a win/win relationship, really. 


This Forbes article perfectly explains just how impactful micro-influencer marketing can be on a brand. These types of influencers offer low-cost marketing solutions with a high return on investment. They not only immensely increase the reach of the brand but do so through the trust they gained from followers on their platform. 

When you join forces with a micro-influencer, you also adopt their cult-like following. These are built-in, loyal supporters of products or services just like yours. They grasp onto every word a micro-influencer says, jumping at any recommendation they make. Basically, half the brand awareness work is already done for you. All you have to do is narrow your influencer search. Seek out relationships with those that share (and promote) interests in the same market then voila! It’s the beginning of a very beautiful and influential friendship. 

Still not sure if bringing a micro-influencer onto your team is the best move for your business? Get in touch with us! At Serendipit, we have successfully placed influencers with a wide variety of businesses in various industries, like DryBar, FastMed Urgent Care, and many more!