How to Build a Strong LinkedIn Presence for Your Business

Building a strong social presence has become a top priority for any business seeking to increase brand awareness and develop a strong community around their company. While it’s not always top of mind in social media, LinkedIn is a great platform that every business can leverage. While the channel may not have trendy dance videos, it does have an engaged user base utilizing the platform with clear intentions of engaging with like-minded professionals and building relationships. Here are a few tips to follow when building a strong LinkedIn profile.

  1. Leverage hashtags – Hashtags are a valuable tool to broaden your audience organically, allowing content to be seen by users not currently following you. Look at the hashtags being used by competitors and thought leaders in your industry. Choose 2-3 relevant hashtags for each post type to spark larger conversations on LinkedIn. Hootsuite provides great tips and best practices when it comes to leveraging hashtags on LinkedIn.
  2. Attract top talent – Even if your company is selling directly to consumers, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for overall organizational goals. For instance, LinkedIn is one of the most popular job searching tools for professionals. Having a strong presence will attract potential employees. Create content that showcases your company’s culture.
  3. Engage consistently – Social media is a two-way street! Just as you would respond to customers, engage with your employees, vendors, and partners on LinkedIn. Show some love to your favorite vendor to build a stronger relationship or celebrate your newest team members by announcing their role in the company. New activity is prioritized in timelines, so consistent engagement keeps things fresh and gets noticed and also helps to increase brand awareness.
  4. Be a thought leader – LinkedIn is an excellent platform to showcase industry knowledge. Build your content with the intention of displaying your expertise and how you innovate. Thought leaders attract potential investors, employee prospects, and help build industry relationships that can be leveraged in the future.
  5. Make the algorithm work for you – While brands are fighting a battle with other social platforms to gain visibility of their content organically, LinkedIn’s algorithm specifically emphasizes new content in users’ feeds to prevent an echo chamber. This means brands that are just starting out can reach a larger audience straight out of the gate simply by being consistent in posting. (See point 3)

So you can see, building your brand on LinkedIn must be a core element of your social media strategy to increase brand awareness. If you’ve read this far and your business still doesn’t have a LinkedIn page or has one that needs some TLC, it’s time to put it at the top of your to-do list! Not sure where to begin? Give Serendipit a shout!