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Campus Living Villages hired Serendipit as their agency of record to manage the marketing and leasing efforts for their national portfolio of 18,000 beds. We began by developing a national leasing and renewal campaign – Village Vibes.

The #VillageVibes campaign promoted the music festival experience, a “free spirit” attitude promoted fresh energy for college students. The fully-integrated campaign incorporated a range of engagement opportunities that allowed leasing agents to share in common interests while focusing on leasing up their community.

Our team also revamped all branded collateral, signage, emails and graphics to ensure a cohesive experience across all levels of the brand.

Challenge & Opportunities

AZPetVet has only recently united all its hospitals under the ‘corporate’ brand name. Each location had been running its own social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram with varying degrees of engagement. Some hospitals had little to no social web presence.

Serendipit’s challenge was to create a robust social media program that provided creative content suitable for each hospital to use on their social media to raise brand awareness, as well as still allow some freedom for hospitals to create and share their own content. In addition, we saw the opportunity to revamp the blog program by refreshing older topics to optimize the content, as well as create a monthly calendar of topical blogs optimized for search in the greater Phoenix area.

Keep Your Fridge Stocked

Serendipit continues to create exciting and engaging renewal and new lease campaigns for Campus Living Villages. Recently, Campus Living Villages launched the “Keep Your Fridge Stocked For Free” campaign – one lucky resident who renews before the deadline will win FREE groceries for a year. This year, Serendipit introduced official Marketing Campaign Launch Kits into the mix to officially kick-off campaigns with the leasing teams.

Each Marketing Campaign Launch Kit is carefully selected box of themed swag and goodies that help build excitement for upcoming renewal campaigns among the on-site teams. The Serendipit team put together an exciting “Keep Your Fridge Stocked For Free” campaign kit During the kick-off with Serendipit, the on-site teams opened their campaign kits to find them jam-packed with snacks, promo items, and candy for the teams to enjoy – all designed to motivate and excite the leasing teams. A motivated team is a team that will lease up.

The Marketing Campaign Launch Kit also contains a detailed guide of the campaign phases and activities for the teams to use as reference throughout leasing season. The campaign kit guide is filled with ideas for themed events, social media contests, renewal phases, promotional items, print and digital creative assets, plus timelines for the leasing teams to follow. On campaign launch day, Serendipit reviewed the guide with the leasing teams to ensure everyone was feeling confident and excited heading into the residents’ campaign launch.


Generated an average of 50-150 direct monthly leads throughout the duration of the campaign across the portfolio of properties

Drove an average 7% conversion rate of leads to leases

Increased social media impressions by 30% each month

Achieved a reputation average of +1.2 stars through the duration of management

UTSA specific market property reached 100% occupancy 3 months quicker than previous years to date

Drove 22% increase in leasing at the on-campus Housing Fair by implementing exciting campaign-based booth and themed incentives