Mangat Group: RoadSong

Market Research | Brand Workshop | Naming | Logo Creation | Brand Story Creation | Tagline Development | Key Messages | Business ID | Signage | Branded Swag

Mangat Group is dedicated to making a difference in communities, people’s lives, and the world by reimagining the roadside truck stop for a more eco-friendly EV future. Mangat partnered with Serendipit to create a distinct name and logo that evoked comfort, convenience, and an eco-friendly brand.

From the initial brand workshop to the full brand development, Serendipit hit the ball out of the park at every step of the journey. The result is RoadSong Travel Center—a next-generation refueling destination, centered on meeting the needs of people, no matter what type of vehicle they drive.

The RoadSong logo encompasses all that we stand for. The “o” of Road signifies an off-ramp leading the viewer off the highway and straight to the comfort and convenience of a RoadSong Travel Center. Paired with the soft rounded sans serif type, the entire mark feels welcoming and dependable. Our colors speak to being eco-friendly and looking to the future but maintaining the casual approachability of RoadSong travel centers.

Once we had the name and logo, we worked to bring the brand to life through developing taglines, key messages for various demographics, and the brand story narrative. Next, we designed a full signage package and branded swag to complete a comprehensive and consistent RoadSong visual look and experience, inside and out. The first RoadSong Travel Center will open in Tonopah, Arizona, along the busy I-10 travel corridor in 2023.