Stanhope Student Living

Brand Creation & Logo Development | Collateral Design | Leasing Center Design | Signage & Dub Box Design

Communicator Award Winner – Outdoor Advertising Campaign | Brochure Design

Stanhope took the Raleigh, North Carolina student housing market by storm. A multi-story student housing and retail complex, Stanhope brought a unique offering to the marketplace.

Serendipit Consulting developed the brand, collateral and materials, public relations, and leasing center design. From the beginning, we knew that Stanhope had to stand out. Built on a historical location, the brand needed to resonate with the history of Raleigh, with an eye to the future.

Identifying Stanhope as a “Modern Urban Village,” we successfully positioned the complex as what students were missing in off-campus housing – an incredible location with one-of-a-kind retail options. The hexagon from the logo was featured extensively throughout the design work. A typewriter font that was inspired by a vintage luggage tag became the connector of the past with the future; showcased by vibrant colors and dynamic photography.