University Partners

University Partners hired Serendipit Consulting to produce and manage renewal marketing campaigns to promote four of their properties. The campaign theme, “#Always on Vacay” shines the spotlight on the spirit of adventure and wanderlust. Every resident who renewed a lease was entered to win a $1,000 vacation, and one lucky resident won the adventure of a lifetime!

Serendipit Marketing Campaign Launch Kits are key tools for official kick-offs of campaigns. Every University Partners on-site team received an“#Always on Vacay” Marketing Campaign Launch Kit to open during the kick-off meeting. Jam-packed with inspirational travel posters, photo albums, journals, road trip snacks, promo items and travel decorations, the kit is custom-designed to complement and support the campaign theme while motivating and exciting the leasing teams. A motivated team is a team that will lease up.

The Marketing Campaign Launch Kit also contains a detailed guide of the campaign phases and activities for the teams to use as reference throughout leasing season. The campaign guide is filled with ideas for themed events, social media contests, renewal phases, promotional items, print and digital creative assets, plus timelines for the leasing teams to follow. On campaign launch day, Serendipit reviewed the guide with the leasing teams to ensure everyone was feeling confident and excited heading into the residents’ campaign launch.