CoolBody Contouring is dedicated CoolSculpting Practice located in Savannah Georgia, ran by the dynamic duo of Dr. Martin Everhard and Nurse Michelle Sell. Together, they have conducted over-performed more than 1,000 CoolSculpting procedures, making them some of the most experienced CoolSculpting providers in the Savannah area.

Challenge & Opportunities

They came to Serendipit Consulting with a need to revamp their logo, branding, and website. As a CoolSculpting provider, they are given much of the brand collateral and website from CoolSculpting corporate as added value. These designs come in as the generic CoolSculpting branding which while this is helpful for practices that are just taking off, more established practices like CoolBody Contouring need a brand and website that match their unique personality and practice.

Serendipit’s challenge was to create a robust social media program that provided creative content suitable for each hospital to use on their social media to raise brand awareness, as well as still allow some freedom for hospitals to create and share their own content. In addition, we saw the opportunity to revamp the blog program by refreshing older topics to optimize the content, as well as create a monthly calendar of topical blogs optimized for search in the greater Phoenix area.

Serendipit’s strategy included taking the time to interview both Michelle and Dr. Everhard to truly understand who they are and what the brand should encompass. From this, we were able to provide a logo, coloring, and key messaging which took less than 10 minutes to be approved by the client. To put it frankly, we hit the nail on the head with one try. Please see what we put together below.

After we solidified the branding, we used that as the foundation for a brand new website. The Serendipit team refreshed all the website copy and designs to reflect the brand changes. The result? A website experience that is inviting, memorable, easy to navigate and most importantly, true to the client’s unique business.