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Digital Strategy

While executing digital tactics is a complex beast of its own, creating a strategy is the essential first step toward any digital success. Strategy allows for in-depth business discovery, provides direction, eliminates missed opportunity, tracks ROI, gets everyone on the same page, and reaches your audience right where they are: online.

Consider the digital strategy the guiding light for your digital efforts, and that light is powered by the Serendipit digital team. We create a comprehensive, digital approach designed to work specifically for you. We fully audit your current efforts—both traditional and digital—determine what is or isn’t working, find the pieces you’re missing, and get you headed toward success.

Your strategy should be a compilation of tactics served at exactly the right time to the right people, but we don’t expect you to know how to figure that out on your own. We can and we do.

There’s simply no point in investing time and money into marketing campaigns if you haven’t adopted a robust, multi-platform digital strategy to easily track and monitor success.

Our data-driven, conversion-seeking marketing masters thrive on shares, conversions and high engagement, so you can feel confident we’re pushing the right messages at the right time.

Drive better results and drive up that ROI.

Website Strategy & Design

First impressions are everything, so your website should showcase exactly who your brand is.

You want a website that WOWs, and we want to work with you to make that happen.

We excel at creative vision, strategy and user experience mapping, then work with our skilled development partners to bring your vision to life. With their technical expertise and management, we can ensure your core messaging and web design are aligned—all with you and your target audiences’ needs in mind.

Let’s wow ‘em with stellar strategy and design.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It shouldn’t be “hard work” to find you.

SEO is the epitome of “choose your words wisely.” At Serendipit, it’s a concept that our digital and inbound marketing teams live and breathe daily, implementing effective strategies to improve your organic, natural search engine results and generate traffic to your website.

Let us sweat the SEO stuff.

Reputation Management

Your reputation could mean the difference between your brand’s credibility or your brand crumbling.

From actively managing reviews and social media sites to coordinating a full PR crisis response, with the help of our holistic digital and public relations response team, you can maintain or regain control of your online image to stay ahead of your competitors.

Control the conversation surrounding your business.

Content Marketing

Establishing a solid strategy from the get-go for all of your written, graphic, video, and downloadable content can help you improve your marketing results and ROI in the long run. Understanding these key points is a must:

Who you want to reach & why

Why you’re using any given type of content

What type of content you’re going to create

What goals you’re hoping to achieve

How your content differs from competitors’

How your content differs from competitors’

What channels to leverage

You can’t attract leads, educate your audience or generate brand awareness if your content is continually falling flat.

Engagement is all about how you hook potential consumers, how you entertain and how you establish brand authority within your industry.

Curating and creating informative, educational, inspiring, or engaging content is a way to give to your audience, and it’s something Serendipit’s intelligent and experienced team of constant creators know more than just a little something about doing. We give it our ALL.

Create a master plan before creating content.

Email Marketing & Marketing Automation

Sure, prospects are great, but you know what’s better? Customers. And did you know that some 91% of those “prospects” check their email every day, if not multiple times a day? (the obsessive ones at least)

Yes, we know. The world held a funeral for email marketing many decades ago. The problem? It wasn’t even close to dead. Email remains one of the most effective marketing tools around, allowing companies to communicate with existing customers and prospects. Do it well, and your business will be the first they remember when they are ready to buy.

Here’s some more dirt: with marketing automation, you take the tedium out of creating and sending emails, social media posts, web updates, and any other seemingly hassling tasks. Instead, you onboard customers and prospects and automatically send a series of regular customized communications to educate, nurture, and move them through the sales funnel towards the light of conversion.

It’s time to resurrect your email marketing.

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