The Jester Brand Archetype

What are brand archetypes? We’re so glad you asked! Building a brand story that sticks with your target audience is easier said than done. In order to learn how to use brand archetypes to create an authentic brand that resonates with your customers, you first need to understand how archetypes work.

Brand Archetypes Explained

First, each of the twelve brand archetypes’ meanings and traits forms a very distinct personality style. Some people and brands have a clear-cut archetype and rarely stray from it, making them predictable and consistent in messaging and style. However, building a brand story is rarely a cut and dried process. There are nuances and traits that cross over from one archetype to another – just like people. That’s where the Serendipit magic happens. 

Just like people, most brands are complex beings that can’t be categorized by ticking a single identifier box unless it’s labeled “It’s complicated.” That’s why many of the brands we develop are so often a custom mix of 2-3 primary archetypes. Our highly-experienced brand development team carefully selects traits from each primary archetype chosen during our proprietary Brand Workshops, then seamlessly blends them together to form a unique personality and archetype that fits the aspirational vision of the brand. We call it the Serendipit ‘secret sauce’ – no generic ketchup or mayo involved. We create just the right amount of spice blends to flavor each custom mix. Let’s take a look at the next Archetype in our series: The Jester.

The JESTER Brand Archetype


Clown, Trickster, Playful, Impulsive, Takes Things Lightly, Creates a Little Fun/Chaos, Spontaneous, Lives in the Moment


Jesters live for the moment, in the here and now. Always the life of the party, the Jester wants people to embrace their inner child, lighten up and enjoy themselves! Impulsive and unrestrained, not afraid to bend or break rules. Jesters are not afraid to stand out and are quite comfortable in their own skin.


Live for the Moment


Belonging & Enjoyment




Let’s dance! We don’t care if anyone is watching.


You’ll find Jesters embracing a freewheeling and fun-loving culture. The Jester is a master at brainstorming, reframing concepts, and presenting new perspectives.


GEICO, Progressive, Skittles, Doritos, Cheetos, Jack in the Box, Ben & Jerry’s, Old Spice


Do You Identify with the Jester Brand Archetype?

Unsure where to start when building a brand story or which archetype best suits your brand? Let our brand development experts at Serendipit help you out. Get in touch today, and we’ll help you find your brand identity! We know how to build a strong brand – just take a look for yourself!