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In an increasingly fast-paced world where people are constantly pressed for time, workouts are too often the casualty. Created specifically with busy people in mind, the proprietary Flex ‘n Burn 30 Minute CardioMuscular Workout™ is the most accessible, efficient and effective way to get in, get out, and get real results.

With 14 classes per day, clients choose convenient times, the area of focus, and their motivation. Clients can get in, strike the match and GO for the Flex ‘n Burn 30 Minute CardioMuscular Workout. No treadmills. No free weights. One machine. One focus.

The proprietary combination of dynamic resistance and no designated rest intervals helps sustain higher intensity throughout the workout, no matter what your current fitness level. Working at maximum intensity means burning up to 500 calories, with the added bonus of burning fat for the next 24 hours – for a total of up to 950 calories burned in a single Flex ‘n Burn Workout!

Flex ‘n Burn, a new boutique fitness studio based in Valencia, California, turned to Serendipit for a brand launch campaign and digital marketing to drive membership sales. The startup is centered around a single proprietary fitness product: the revolutionary Flex ‘n Burn 30 Minute CardioMuscular Workout™.

Challenge & Opportunities

Challenge 1: Create a campaign that could – and would – cut through the crowded California fitness market noise and get the studio noticed.

Challenge 2: Drive interest in a single studio location featuring a single signature product via digital presence and promoting demo workouts.

Challenge 3: The Flex ‘n Burn studio didn’t exist. The building was under construction and there was no firm opening date beyond sometime during the ‘Summer 2019’. Unfortunately, continuing delays pushed the open date into Fall, then December 2020.

Challenge 4: Keep consumer interest high and continue to drive membership sales while communicating benefits and opening news to Founders Members who were eager to begin, but increasingly frustrated by construction delays.

Opportunity: Show them how Serendipit flexes its considerable marketing muscles.

Our first step was to conduct a brainstorm session with key decision-makers from Flex ‘n Burn to fully understand their goals and objectives. From there, we moved into market research. Overall, we found that local and non-local competitors tended to look and sound alike. The Serendipit team had a red hot opportunity to make Flex ‘n Burn stand out from the competition – locally, regionally, and beyond.

Next, we moved forward with key messages and brand launch campaign development. We presented three concepts to the client – one more conservative, one middle ground, and one bleeding-edge option. The bleeding-edge concept, BURN IT ALL OFF, was our clear winner.

The BURN campaign centers around all the little things that bug us. Self-doubt created by the little voices in our heads that tell us we’re not good enough. Fad diets. Bad habits. Guilty pleasures. Monday blues. All of those little things that cause stress or frustration can quickly add up to extra pounds. The solution? BURN IT ALL OFF with the Flex ‘n Burn 30 Minute CardioMuscular Workout™.