Congrats! Your student housing community is on its way to becoming a reality! Although you’ve already chosen your team for developing, designing, etc. your community, it’s important to hire the right PR and marketing firm early to give you the edge you need for when it’s time to lease. Here at Serendipit Consulting we can develop a full brand strategy that caters to your goals and inspirations for your community. Creating a brand that exemplifies a specific story and lifestyle that you wish to portray will attract the right student demographic to fill your community.

Create a brand relatable to your prospects

Building a brand can be tough unless you have a skilled team that will guide your community to success. Being “in the know” of the different hot topics, styles and trends of local students is key when developing a brand. With the right marketing experts, you can have a brand that tells a story and conveys a lifestyle that resonates with students and parents, and that effectively leases up a community.

Extension of in-house marketing efforts

With the right marketing and PR firm, you will have a developed marketing plan that will set your community aside from others and a strategic PR plan that will bring and increase attention to your brand. In developing each of these plans, your marketing and PR team will do extensive research on local student profiles, market differentiators, and trends to personify the student population.

Increase brand awareness

Communicating brand awareness is easily done with the right PR team to do it. At Serendipit, our PR experts effectively communicate messages to the media through print publications, TV, blogs, radio and more. PR plays a crucial part in the success of a student housing community being 100% leased up, by not only targeting the right media but also targeting students and parents with messages that they will see, hear and read.

Here at Serendipit Consulting, our PR and Marketing team takes pride in student housing and what it has to offer. Contact our team of student housing experts today to see what we can do for your student housing community!