Your experience and knowledge already proves that you’re the go-to expert for your clients and colleagues. However, if you want to expand your client base and really be the go-to expert source in the news, you’ll need to be on every relevant editor’s or reporter’s speed dial or rolodex when they are in need of content. There are a few ways to do this in today’s journalistic hustle and bustle.

1. Always be available

Nowadays, reporters and editors have tight deadlines they must fulfill, so having someone that is immediately available is ideal. If there is a situation where you find yourself not available to be the expert source, think outside of the box to make your business (possibly another exec) or someone you trust available to secure the opportunity. If a journalist is reaching out to you as the expert source for coverage, return the effort and be accessible when they need you.

2. Patience is a virtue

Not only do editors and reporters have tight deadlines to fill, they also have to plan for future content as well, which means you may have to be patient to see how your role will play out. Either way, if they take the time to reach out to you as the expert source, it should be an honor, no matter what the timeline is. Showing that you are willing to work on their terms will provide you with extra brownie points for possible future coverage.

3. Don’t waste their time

The best way to find yourself on the no-call list for an editor is by not being prepared for the interview. Time and quality is precious to them and falsifying your expertise will be setting yourself up for failure not only then, but for the future as well. Staying relevant and loyal to the content will give yourself a good reputation within the media.

4. Sending them a thank you is key

Maintaining a personal yet professional relationship with journalists will cause you to stand out from other business experts in your line of work. Sending them a handwritten thank you note that is personally addressed to them and thanking them for the coverage, will show that you truly appreciate their hard work and what they do.

Being a go-to expert who is reliable, professional and a great soundbite is what every journalist dreams of having. Following these four steps will increase your chance to obtain a spot in an editor’s and reporter’s rolodex for continuous coverage. Not sure where to begin, give us a call! Serendipit’s PR team can help you become the go-to-expert source in news and secure the media coverage you deserve.