How to Fill Every Bed in Your Off-Campus Student Housing

Convincing college students to live somewhere for a year can become difficult, especially when they are not sure what they are looking for. The best ways to make students want to sign a lease is by recognition and engagement. Here are some tips to help you be fully engaged with the students:

Going to Campus

It is not enough to hope students do their research and happen to come across your website. Go to campus and set up a table with unique props to encourage students to stop, talk, and give their contact info. The more often you are on campus and engaging with the students, the more likely they will consider you as a housing option. Providing them with the information they need and constant engagement will help convince them you are the best housing for college students.

If you are in an area where on-campus marketing is not allowed, do not let that keep you from engaging with students. Find local student hotspots and partner with them for co-marketing opportunities. For example, have a Taco Tuesday sponsored by your community to interact with the students. Create consistency and weekly events students can look forward to. Additionally, you can sponsor campus events and attend athletic events to leverage the campus community without violating any regulations.

Using Social Media

Using social media is a great way to interact with students, but only if you are posting the right type of content. Many students ignore off-campus student housing posts as they are too sales-y. Having a lease-related post maybe once a week is enough, the rest should be exciting content that students want to see. Posts should be tied to the community as a whole, not just your property. Create exciting content by relating to what is happening at the school, or even just relate to how students may be feeling at the time. Be sure to include your property’s logo on every post because branding is important to your success.

Virtual Tours

Once students’ interests are peaked, they may decide to do more research on your website. Keep them engaged and excited about your property by offering a virtual tour they can take to view your property. These leave an ideal first impression that ultimately drives leads and new leases. 

It is important to include certain aspects in your virtual tour to make it feel more engaging. 

  • Have a student actor present in the tour as this makes the video more relatable for the viewer. 
  • Including brand elements in your tour is essential to help increase the overall brand awareness of your community. 
  • Additionally, include exciting animation and music to keep students watching. A quiet video with just a person or two talking will quickly be turned off by busy college students. 
  • Feature local hot spots and your properties relative location to both them and the university can help students visualize themselves living at your community and enjoying their favorite hot spots.

Your perceived image as housing for college students is the difference between filling leases and having empty beds. Stay engaged with the community and you will see an increase in signed leases.