Every Successful Business Has a Customer Persona Marketing Strategy. Does Yours?

Right now, whether you’re a catering company or you cater to the elite with a hand-made jewelry line, times are tough. Up until March, you were likely trekking right along, hitting your numbers, and going to bed a night with confidence that your business was operating at peak performance. 

Now that COVID has come and stolen all the certainty from our day to day, people from all corners of the world are clutching their wallets a little tighter (unless they’re buying toilet paper). Right now, business owners everywhere are taking a step back, cocking their heads to the right and asking themselves, “Do I know my target audience? Am I still reaching them?” 

But why is customer persona marketing so important for your business? Quite simply, you need to know who is willing to buy your product(s) or service(s) and how to reach them. Determining your target audience is a key component in planning a bulletproof customer persona marketing strategy.

So what can you do to stay relevant, stay in business, and stay profitable?

3 Must-Know Tips For How to Create a Persona &  Customer Marketing Strategy

  1. Stop guessing and send a survey. A survey will help you garner pertinent information that will be a great help as you nail down who your customer is today, and what makes them tick. Ask some of the following questions: age, services of interest, geolocation, the problem the brand solves for them, preferred communication (via email, phone, etc), and adjectives that best describe them. Conduct this kind of target market research, and you’ve got what you need to make solid customer personas. Typeform is a great platform for all your surveying needs. 
  2. Use real people as Inspiration as you define your customer persona(s). Once your survey results come back, you may be wondering how to make customer personas. Use the data from your target market research to piece together the persona characteristics to resemble people you know. This will help you to really dial down on who they are, what type of marketing messaging they’ll need and may respond to, and the most effective marketing channels to reach them.
  3. Update Your Personas Regularly.  People and businesses evolve and to keep that client lifetime value in check, you MUST be in front of your target audiences’ needs at each stage of their life. With everything that has happened in the last 6 months, you will likely need to reexamine each to determine your target audience, as it has probably changed a bit. All brands and businesses can’t necessarily do this, but if a lightbulb is going off in your head, that means your customer personas are out of date and it’s time you head back to the persona drawing board. 

If you’re still wondering how to define customer personas for your business and you’re not sure how to go about your target market research, seek out the professionals. Trust us, customer personas are too important to miss. 

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Written By: Amanda, Marketing Account Manager