There are many components to brand management that are essential – posting good content, posting frequently, and engaging with your audience. But one of the key aspects to managing your brand is consistency – a little thing that may seem easy to ignore, but that can make all the difference in the world. Implementing a cohesive brand strategy and voice in all aspects of branding and design is essential to draw in audience members – and more importantly – keep them around. Here are some of the key benefits that result from a cohesive brand strategy:

Recognition. Have your brand become a familiar face to your followers and be known for your trademark style. By keeping things consistent and cohesive in your brand strategy, audience members will start to recognize your voice and will know who you are and what you’re about right off the bat. This goes hand-in-hand with making sure that your logo is present and consistent on all items promoted to the public.

Trust. By incorporating a consistent tone and voice into all of your messaging, you create your own personality as a brand. If you’re bouncing around with your messaging, members of your audience will question your intentions and feel less than confident about your brand.

Loyalty. Once people know who you are and your brand has earned their trust and customer loyalty, you’ve established a group of active audience members who will be by your side and hopefully share your message with their friends.

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