Finally, some news that isn’t headlined by Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Livestream has announced that their premium and enterprise customers will be able to simulcast to non-Livestream video platforms that support RTMP (or “Real-Time Messaging Protocol” for all you non-coders) such as Twitch and YouTube. With Livestream’s previous announcement, users could simulcast on Facebook Live and Livestream, but due to Facebook’s terms, you couldn’t broadcast on other streaming platforms. It looks like Facebook wants to act like the spoiled child and not share with others. Whatever the case, this news from Livestream comes as a pleasant surprise.

Each live video platform has their specific strengths and opportunities, but why limit yourself to just one? Being able to simulcast to other live streaming platforms will help marketers reach a bigger audience. Instead of just targeting a specific platform, you can share your live video with a variety of users. The more the merrier, right? Although you can’t simulcast from Facebook Live and YouTube for example, this new integration opens up the live video pipeline. Types of live video that would benefit from this integration are product launches, press releases, or company announcements.

If you’re a premium or enterprise Livestream user, it’s time to break free from the old live streaming constraints and reap in the bounty this simulcast integration offers. If you aren’t a premium or enterprise customer, what are you waiting for? This is an opportunity to improve your live video strategy.