What’s ChatGPT?

More like “who.” Around here, we affectionately call her Charlotte. However, to ensure a broader understanding, we’ll refer to her correctly this one time. 

Now let’s dive into the fascinating world of ChatGPT, a revolutionary AI assistant making waves across the globe. But don’t be mistaken; ChatGPT is far from being just another impersonal software program. 

Developed by OpenAI, it’s an advanced language model with the insane ability to comprehend natural language and generate remarkably human-like responses. With its advanced learning techniques, ChatGPT brings a new and somewhat frightening level of interaction and intelligence to the table. 

Why ChatGPT Is Cool

What’s not to love? ChatGPT is truly a multifaceted superstar. But here are some reasons we think it’s so great. 

Customer Service & Content Creation
ChatGPT excels at customer service, effortlessly providing prompt and accurate responses to inquiries. Additionally, it’s a creative powerhouse, generating engaging content ideas for various purposes. From movie scripts to songs, poems to cover letters, resumes to text messages, blogs, essays, social media captions, product descriptions, party theme ideas—you name it! 

But it isn’t just a wordsmith; it’s a brand development magician, too! Whether you need assistance crafting captivating brand messaging or refining your copy, ChatGPT has you covered. It’s your go-to companion for expressing your ideas in the perfect words. 

Problem Solving & Assistance
ChatGPT goes beyond writing and content creation. It can also assist with a wide range of tasks and provide some pretty valuable insights, including finding answers to homework/assignments, solving tricky math problems step by step, and even helping you prepare for an interview. It can write, debug and explain code, translate virtually any language, write content in multiple languages, and even offer relationship advice!

Chat & Communication
When it comes to conversations, ChatGPT serves as a reliable chat companion. As long as you operate in the same thread, it recognizes context and generates predictions, eliminating the need to repeat yourself (score!). You can request it to write in a particular style, summarize information, and explain complex topics. It can even simplify concepts for you as if you were five years old! With familiarity in different styles, if you want a poem written in a Western twang, then that’s what you’re gonna get by golly!

Fun  & Games
On days when you’re feeling blue or like you need a good laugh, ChatGPT is here to entertain. It can play tic-tac-toe, tell stories, play trivia, come up with puns, give you creative writing prompts, and even tell original (terrible) jokes when Andrew, our Creative Strategy Director, isn’t around to fulfill that job. 

With ChatGPT’s impressive range of abilities, there’s really no limit to the tasks it can assist you with… there is, however, a limit to what it will assist you with. 

Where ChatGPT Draws the Line

While ChatGPT is incredibly capable, there are certain areas where you’ll experience pushback or a hard pass. We’ll call this the no-go zone. Here’s a short list to name a few important items in the no-go zone:

  • Provide personal, medical, or legal advice
  • Predict the future or provide lottery numbers
  • Predict future sports events or political contest results
  • Create or modify computer programs or code
  • Diagnose or provide medical treatment
  • Make financial investments or give financial advice
  • Provide personal opinions or emotions
  • Endorse or promote specific brands or products
  • Promote conspiracy theories or misinformation 
  • Real-time web lookup (it is not a search engine)

Maximizing ChatGPT’s Potential

Understand Humans Aren’t Going Anywhere Any Time Soon
ChatGPT is certainly impressive, but it’s not here to replace human creativity and expertise. Human touch and ingenuity are irreplaceable. Instead, we should embrace this technology as the helpful tool it is—we’re on the same team, so we can work smarter, not harder, by working together rather than in opposition.

Always Fact Check
While I’ve developed a great relationship with Charlot—I mean, ChatGPT, and as amazing as it is, it’s always good practice to fact-check information. To ensure accuracy, it’s best to cross-reference information from reliable sources and not rely solely on AI-generated content. 

ChatGPT has limited knowledge until 2021 because it was only trained on a dataset that includes text up until that time. The training process involves collecting and processing a vast amount of data, which has a cutoff date to ensure that the model cannot access information beyond that point. So, unless you want to rely on a robot that’s essentially stuck in a mid-pandemic mindset (covid brain), check the facts.

Don’t Copy/Paste & Call It a Day
ChatGPT is as happy to assist you as a platform that feels no emotion can be, but don’t take advantage of that. It’s important to avoid plagiarism and maintain your originality. When using info shared by ChatGPT, remember that it comes from various sources on the web and may not be original to the program itself. This goes hand in hand with fact-checking to ensure authenticity. 

It’s also worth noting that Goole employs machine learning algorithms to detect AI-generated text. These algorithms analyze signals such as text structure, grammar, and syntax. So you must go beyond AI to enhance credibility. 

Remove AI Detection From Your Content
Rewrite the text to make it sound more human-like, paraphrasing any sections throughout the process where the voice doesn’t seem to align with the intended audience. Pay close attention to proper grammar, sentence structure, and the inclusion of context-specific info that the AI might not be aware of. 

It’s important to note that excessive use of AI-generated content can result in Google pushing that content to lower search result rankings. Google aims to prioritize authentic, thoughtful material for consumers. However, Google isn’t anti-AI and won’t punish you just because you used this tool as long as your content is clearly created with people in mind, not search engines. The key factor here is the intent and guiding hand behind your content creation rather than the method used to generate it. 

Always Say Hello, Please, and Thank You
That way, you’re on its good side when AI takes over the world. 

To put it plainly, you should look at ChatGPT as a resource that helps expand our creative capabilities, not replace them. Use it as a collaborator, a tool for inspiring ideas and new avenues of thought. Remember that in the world of branding, content creation, and communication, true creativity stems from the human mind. As we embrace the possibilities AI offers, let’s not forget the unique perspectives, ingenuity, and emotional depth that humans—and only humans—can bring to the table.