Serendipit Covers the details behind the new app, Pictual

If you use Facebook or Instagram you know that motivational posters and quotes are the next big thing.  Many people find these off of Pinterest, but if you would like to be a little more creative you are in luck. Pictual is a new app for making these motivational images all in a few clicks.

Pictual is an iPhone app that lets users turn their words into images. To use it you simply type in your phrase and the app produces hundreds of templates of images that are prevalent to the words used in your phrase.  For example, if the word “city” appears in your phrase, the images that are produced might include a skyline or a busy city street. Pictual makes editing your photos and being creative a simple process. We hope that the app includes a branding feature in the future, so that brands can include their logos.

Here are the three key functionalities of Pictual:

Express: Type in what you are feeling or want to say and Pictual finds the graphics for the message.

Upload: Take a photo, or open one up from your phone and scroll through the graphic and typography templates to overlay on the image.

Browse: Search through the trending templates on Pictual and customize by using your own words.


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