Serendipit shares the importance of developing goals and strategies to ensure that a client and public relations agency maintain a clear and consistent vision throughout a project.

To develop a cohesive plan of action between a client and a public relations agency, it is of utmost importance that both parties are on the same page about what they envision from one another. Defining a company’s business goals and making a plan with strategies and tactics that will be exercised to reach those goals, will manifest the vision and increase the likelihood of success.


Before your public relations agency begins to craft and execute a public relations campaign, they will meet with your company’s business leaders and decision makers to define the company’s goals and what they hope to get out of the public relations campaign. All public relations efforts will be centered around reaching those business goals.

Strategies and Tactics

Your public relations agency will  define the strategies and tactics necessary to meet or exceed your business’s goals. Based on your unique business goals, your public relations agency will adapt its strategies and tactics to be most efficient. Some strategies, like targeted pitching and the submission of bylined articles with search engine optimization in mind, are  indispensable public relations strategies for almost any campaign..

Targeted & Defined Messaging: Your public relations agency’s job is to get your messaging out to the right audiences. In order to do so, your public relations agency will identify the correct target audiences and craft individualized message to deliver to each specific audience.  Sending the message to the appropriate crowd will enable the clients to see results, and see them fast.

Search Engine Optimization: A public relations agency places significance on the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) - a tool that makes a company searchable online. By garnering press from reputable news outlets, websites and blogs,  public relations agency allows a company to be present online and spread their story to a wider population, leaving its news at people’s fingertips and making it readily available for hot-topics of conversation.

Ongoing Media Relations: In order to secure coverage for your company, your public relations agency must utilize positive media relations and make sure that it stays up to date with events that are timely, topical, and thus newsworthy. Keeping your company current is the best way to garner media coverage and attention from a wide range of viewers that may be important to hone in on.

Taking advantage of these strategies and selecting a method to reach outlined goals is the most effective means of achieving public relations results. To learn more about public relations agencies, or see examples of public relation agencies’ goals, strategies, and final outcomes, visit us online at