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Roadmaster Group (RMG) is one of the largest divisions within the multi-billion dollar Daseke empire. Roadmaster Group serves as headquarters and parent organization to a consolidated family of elite specialized transportation companies. Our family of companies includes Tri-State Motor Transit, a national leader in specialized, high-security transportation; AATCO, RMS Heavy Haul, and RMS Freight Logistics.

The driving professionals in the RMG family of companies are the most elite Drivers in the nation. Currently, less than 5000 CDL holders nationwide are able to secure the highest levels of credentials and skills necessary to get the job done – safely and on time. These Drivers are the backbone of Roadmaster Group’s family of companies.

As specialists in the transport of high-security, high-value, hazardous, and time-sensitive cargo loads, Roadmaster Group looked to Serendipit’s a rebrand and repositioning in the marketplace. The goal? To stake out a leadership position within the transportation industry and to spur future growth by acquisition.

Challenge & Opportunities

Challenge 1: Overcoming industry perception of Roadmaster Group as a trucking company, rather than a transportation organization that includes multiple specialty transport companies.

Challenge 2: Refreshing the old brand, which was an off-shoot of a subsidiary company, and injecting it with new life, symbolism, and a feeling of movement.

Challenge 3: Map, design, write, and build an entirely new website to match the refreshed brand to impress potential partners, subsidiaries, drivers, etc.

Our first step was to conduct a brainstorm session with key decision-makers from Roadmaster Group to fully understand their goals and objectives, as well as the different specialties of each company within the RMG family. Serendipit conducted a full Brand Archetype Workshop with company decision-makers, designed to hone in on specific brand values, style, and messaging for the RMG brand relaunch. Once a new brand and position was chosen, the creative and design teams went to work on a full refresh of the logo mark, messaging, and brand story. Finally, the website was designed, developed and launched.


Public Relations

With a goal to share the new brand direction, highlight the competitive driver pay model and gain brand awareness to assist with M&A efforts, Serendipit was hired to execute national PR efforts. Serendipit successfully secured more than 75 high profile media placements for Roadmaster Group.


  • Business Insider
  • Fox Business
  • The New York Times
  • CNBC
  • Yahoo! Finance


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