We’ve reached the end of August (already?), which means it’s time for our next Ronzio Recap! We will be sharing some of this past month’s recommendations from consultant, speaker, entrepreneur, and #teamSerendipit friend Chris Ronzio. Be sure to check some of these out and see how they can help you lead a more productive life:

  • If you always catch yourself completing Buzzfeed quizzes, why not make your own? With Typeform, you can.
  • When you find yourself on a website and come across a cool feature, learn how they do it by searching for them on BuiltWith and find out all kinds of technology solutions that they are using.
  • How hard can it be to find contact information at times? Find a company’s website and head over to Email Hunter to find that email address you’ve been looking for.
  • Create a knowledge base with HelpJuice to fend off the common questions and provide customers the instant answers that they need.

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