Don’t worry; that title will make more sense if you keep reading. But first things first, our search continues for some social and PR stars to fill the roles of Social Media Coordinator, Social Media Strategist, and PR Account Executive. If you’re ready to join this energetic, fun-filled environment, apply HERE. No, really, do it.

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Now, onto the good stuff.


YouTube Shorts, though not a newcomer, certainly deserves a mention, especially as we near the end of 2023 and short-form videos remain king. Since its launch in 2021, Shorts has cultivated a significant viewership, garnering over 1.5 billion monthly users. Wowza.

Within YouTube’s landscape, Shorts offers a concise section that allows you to tap into your creative side through bite-sized videos that deliver an impact in just 60 seconds or less. You can add music, text, filters, and more to express your individuality. As of February this year, YouTube began sharing ad revenue with Shorts creators, making it one of the most attractive platforms for those looking to monetize their content. 

But it doesn’t demand a seasoned creator! With YouTube Shorts, both established brands and the average Joe can wade into the content pool, entertaining audiences while driving engagement. Have you tried it out yet?


The spellcheck struggle is real. Our devices certainly like to take artistic liberties with our words! Let this serve as a reminder that even in the world of autocorrect, proofreading always prevails. A quick glance can make all the difference—such as, in this case, distinguishing between a diamond and a demon expert.

SPOTLIGHT: Building Trustworthy Brands With Andrew Leger

"Know your target audience — their wants, needs, preferences, burning desires. Tailor your messaging to form a deep connection with them. They are an integral part of your story." 

These words from our Creative Director, Andrew Leger, set the stage for a captivating exploration into the world of brand building. In his interview with Authority Magazine, Andrew shares his journey, humor, and invaluable lessons learned, shedding light on how his creative path intertwined branding and advertising to create a vibrant tapestry of success. 

Gain an insider’s perspective on why building a brand isn’t just a choice but a necessity for long-term success. Dive into the full article HERE (for an adorable picture of the man himself) and transform your branding approach today!


For whoever needs to hear it. These two words certainly play a sneaky game of grammar ping-pong, but worry not; you’re not alone! Mastering language nuances is vital in copywriting, and this particular instance is the perfect place to start…or just err on the side of “impact,” as I (the copywriter) often do.


We’re all about embracing the weird side of things and pride ourselves on our unconventional, head-tilting ideas. We also happen to love hot dogs, making this particular project a fun one. Recently, we concocted an entire mock brand called Hot Dog Boards, an embodiment of our branding prowess, ready to present to clients to give them a glimpse of our capabilities when other examples have to remain under wraps.

From brand traits to core pillars to key messaging, we’ve crafted the perfect brand. Check out some notable snippets below! And for those intrigued by the prospect, rest assured — we’ve got an arsenal of wild ideas at the ready. Interested in starting a snowboard brand? Investors? Possibly you! 


Helping our older readers decode the language of the younger generation. 

  • Rizz: Charisma; the innate ability to charm and woo a person. (i.e., “Chuck’s got so much rizz, all he had to do was look at her.”)
  • Slaps: Very good, excellent, amazing. (i.e., “taco bell is so good.” “fr, that sh*t slaps.”) 
    *fr meaning “for real.”
  • Too ez: Too easy, doing or getting something and making it look easy. (i.e., “the Suns made that win look too ez” “still couldn’t beat the Nuggets though, smh.”)
    *smh meaning “shake my head.”
  • Bop: A good song. (i.e., “That new Posty song is a bop!”)
    *Posty being none other than our king, Post Malone.


There’s power in taking a breather. Whether it’s a vacation or a well-deserved day off, stepping away from the hustle can work wonders for your mental health and productivity. Consider this your excuse to escape the desert heat, blast your highway tune (or your preferred bop), and recharge your mind. 

That’s a wrap! It was too ez. I say we all get to work on building our YouTube Shorts following and make some $$$. Just be sure to flaunt your rizz and share content that slaps. Or whatever. Happy Friday!