It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us.  

After 15 years in business, we’ve been (re)working the ideal version of Serendipit. A version that allows us to focus only on the services in which we are best-in-class, and that also allows us to be hyper-focused on serving our clients with true passion and a serious focus on results.

If you’ve followed us for a while, you’ve seen us grow to a full-service agency of 35+ employees, offering almost anything a brand could need from a marketing perspective. We realized that while it was going OK, we weren’t in the business of doing anything “OK.” That led to lots of research and discovery, discussions, long nights, thought-provoking questions, decisions made, second and third guessing of those decisions, and more. 

The result? We’ve cut some service lines, and we’ve expanded in others. It’s been an adventure to get here and we are so clear on our vision that we kind of want to scream it from the mountain tops. 

Serendipit is the Brains Behind Brands. Our team makes it uncomplicated to bring ideas of any size to life. 

Our clients come to us for Creative, Public Relations, and Social Media services.

Are there other services that our clients will need? Sure! And, we have vetted the best local and national partners who can offer those services to our clients. 

Been thinking about updating your brand but dragging your feet? We’re here for it. 

Need a spark to your creative direction? We’ve got the flint. 

Thinking about launching your brand on TikTok or want to rethink your dated social channels? Let’s talk strategy. 

Ready to truly be positioned as the expert source you are? Our team can’t wait to get you a TON of PR wins. 

We’ve got exciting things happening. So do you. Let’s work on something amazing together. 

-Alexis, Melissa & Team Serendipit