Tips for Creating a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

So, you and your team have invested time and resources into creating a flashy new video, and now you want to put it on Facebook and watch that view count pile up. That’s great! However, before diving into the ad creation process for your video, you must first learn how to make a Facebook ad campaign. There are just a few things you must consider, and thankfully, we are here to help!

Important Aspects of a Facebook Video Views Campaign

With more and more people online these days, it’s essential to get creative with the content you’re promoting. It’s no surprise that recent global events have overtaken the attention of millions. Many are taking to platforms like Facebook to find any sort of distraction, which means the content they’re searching for must be enticing and engaging enough to pull them away from everything else. 

Let’s say you created a video that is just that: enticing, engaging, and everyone should see it. 

The first thing you’ll want to know is the basic structure of Facebook Ads Manager. Ads you create in Facebook Ads Manager consist of three parts: individual ads, ad sets, and campaigns which collectively create what’s called the “campaign structure.” Understanding how these parts work together will help you run ads the way you want to and help ensure they’re getting to the right people.

The Difference Between Facebook Campaigns vs. Ad Sets

Campaigns serve as the foundation and direction for your ads. At the campaign level is where you set the advertising objective (AKA the end goal for your ads). The ad set level is where you define your targeting strategy, you decide for how much, where, and to whom your ads will be shown using Facebook’s audience and targeting options. Finally, you create the ads themselves by choosing the content that you believe would most likely resonate with your target audience, but really, we’re just getting ahead of ourselves now.

When thinking about a Facebook campaign vs. ad set,  think of your campaign as a map and the ad sets as having their own destinations on that map. So, before diving into any Facebook ad campaign setup, you’ll want to determine what your current objective is: Do you want people to learn about and become more aware of your brand? Are you looking to drive traffic and engagement to your site? Maybe you’re seeking conversions in the form of adding items to a cart, app downloads, or purchases, for example. Well, can we let you in on a little secret? Facebook offers 11 objectives, and one of those is “Video views.” 

Facebook Video Views Campaign

The video views objective is optimal when your business goal is to drive consideration and awareness to your brand and spur viewers to find out more about you after seeing your ad. Running a Facebook video views campaign is ideal. This is the one objective offered by Facebook that fully optimizes for the viewing of your videos, with the sole purpose of delivering the video ad to an audience that’s most likely to watch the video content.

There are two different routes you can take for Facebook video views campaigns:

While other objectives are available to support video, they do not optimize specifically for video views. With a Facebook video views campaign, you can advertise a pre-made commercial or video, create slideshows with multiple images, add different features to slideshows including color, text, effects, stickers, plus you can add royalty-free music to spice it up. The video views objective enables cost control and creativity, which can boost your online presence and benefit your business in the long run by driving potential sales.

Serendipit Tips for Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

  • Target a specific audience and ensure that your messaging is relevant to that audience. The more relevant your ads are, the more likely Facebook is to show your ad!
  • Make sure the ad creative (in this instance, the video) and ad copy are working together to promote a coherent message.
  • Advertise a clear and consistent call-to-action (Shop Now, Learn More, Download, Contact Us, etc.).
  • Take advantage of re-marketing capabilities to get your ads in front of those who have already discovered your brand.
    • Pro tip: To maximize your remarketing capabilities, disable the Audience Network ad placement!

Are you feeling ready to run a successful Facebook ad campaign now? Contact us, and our expert digital team will help guide you through!