Social Media Trends for Gen Z

Serendipit takes a look at the current social media trends for Gen Z.

Gen Z is focused on sending and receiving as much information as quickly as possible. They prefer to do this through social media, and as marketers, we need to understand how to effectively reach them through the platforms that they are using, and understand the current social media trends. YPulse shares more information on which social media platforms have been trending by younger consumers over the past couple of years.

Facebook has been on a slow decline for users aged 13-32, while Instagram and Snapchat have been on a steady rise. The younger generations are drawn to more of the visual content with minimal text, rather than the text heavy platforms. Gen Z is comprised of visual learners and visual learners take in more information through media, so the less text there is to read – the better.

This shows that visuals and video are two content necessities for marketers to use when targeting Gen Z. In order to continue to stay current with brand marketing, we need to be sure that we are actively engaging in a way that young consumers can relate to.

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