Case Study: COR Mother’s Day promo

At Serendipit, we believe the role of integrated campaigns in marketing cannot be understated. They are where the magic happens! An integrated campaign is meant to be a custom mix of strategies and tactics created specifically for each business—and each audience—rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, so it takes an experienced team to plan and execute well. For instance, SEO and PPC are both common strategies used in integrated campaigns that use multi-channel marketing as a whole—social media, email, mobile marketing and other tactics—to accomplish client goals. That’s a lot of moving parts to track.

But when planned and executed well, integrated campaigns can provide ‘blow your socks off’ results. Done poorly, and you might as well burn money. Of course, every business is different and not every integrated campaign will be a roaring success. But with the right team putting together your integrated campaigns, you’ll get a crystal clear picture of how every aspect of your marketing fits together and works together to drive results. Analytics highlight what’s working and what’s not in real time, so the campaign spend can be weighted according to performance by channel to boost results. Here’s a recent integrated campaign example from the Serendipit monthly reports that blew everyone’s socks off!

Integrated Campaigns in Action: Top o’ the World, Ma!!

Our client, COR Medspa, is an incredible medical aesthetics and sexual wellness specialist in Denville, NJ. COR Medspa partners with Serendipit Consulting for ongoing marketing, digital and social media programs and campaign design and creation for special holidays and events. 

We’re always laser-focused on our clients’ goals, which means keeping a close eye on data and trends, and highlighting opportunities where it’s worth investing a bit more into marketing, boosting a post or two, or creating a special program. Mother’s Day, for instance. Med Spa gift cards and package sales naturally go up during the march towards Mother’s Day, which got us wondering… just how far UP could we take COR sales in a week? (We love a good challenge.)

Creating an Integrated Campaign For Mother’s Day

We already knew from experience that COR had success with e-commerce, especially when paired with an integrated campaign. It was the perfect time to launch an e-commerce pop-up store to sell gift cards and pre-purchase services specifically bundled for Mother’s Day. We pitched our idea to COR; they said go for it, and so we did. Oh, boy, we did.

Up, Up & Awayyyyyy

The very next decision the COR team made was to defer to our expertise for the products and pricing. So we dug into Analytics In order to suggest products and services that we knew would fit the demographics shopping for Mother’s Day and the demographics of COR customers and prospects—to save the day by serving up the perfect Mother’s Day gifts! 

Campaign Theme: Get Your Mom What She Really Wants For Mother’s Day

Our goal was to hit our current database and reach out to non-customers in the Denville/Morris County area through a combination of Organic Social Content, Emails, Boosted Posts and Texts. We researched the best time to send to our client database for texts and emails, created a boosted post strategy that we felt would reach the correct audience, and created content that would get social followers excited about the promotion. 

Over the seven-day span of the COR Mother’s Day promotion, we made sure to send our blasts simultaneously on all channels to create urgency to entice customers to purchase before the sale ended, and monitored analytics to ensure what we were doing was working properly. It was.

Mama, Mia!

  • 89 total sales—84 can be directly attributed to Serendipit’s efforts!! 
  • Text Messages: 35 sales | Automated Emails:32 sales
  • Boosted Social Posts: 10 sales | Organic Social – 7 sales
  • Delivered Blazing HOT ROI — 31:1

Now that we have your attention—let’s find out what we can do for your business.