The Millennial Spokesperson

As I am sure you are all aware, Jimmy Fallon recently took over The Tonight Show due to his popularity and large following of fans. Fallon did a great job of creating a name for himself and his unique charm, while hosting Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

What makes Fallon unique from other talk show hosts is his ability to relate to a large variety of age groups, but specifically within the Millennial generation. This is why some are now calling him the Millennial spokesperson for his ability to stay ahead of the curve with that demographic.

As YPulse points out, "Throughout last week, one of the biggest differences between Jimmy Fallon and his predecessor became clear: Millennials are actually excited for Fallon, and they're celebrating his show."

Many qualities attribute to why Fallon is able to attract the Millennial generation, but the following techniques in particular really drive his popularity within the Millennial demographic.

      • Social Media Components - Fallon is an avid tweeter and promotes his social media tactics during the show as well with "weekly hashtags" and viral YouTube videos.
      • Expect the Unexpected - Throughout the course of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and now seen with The Tonight Show, Fallon is always incorporating new sketches and reinventing the wheel when it comes to late night talk shows.
      • Interactive Campaigns - In addition to his social media activity, Fallon is always promoting new and creative campaigns that engage his audience. From video submissions to on-air gaming, he interacts with his audience and does it in a genuine way to attract the Millennial generation.

Jimmy Fallon is a prime example of how to effectively communicate with the Millennial generation by really understanding how millennials prefer to be communicated with.

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