When it comes to connecting and marketing to its fan base, nobody does it better than the MLB. They are constantly searching for new and exciting ways to branch out and connect with current fans as well as reach a new fan base. At the start of spring training, the MLB decided it was time to draft a new social media concept that would put them in an entirely new playing field. Enter the Snapchat strategy. In a recent interview with Mashable, the MLB’s social-media producer, Hali Stark, shared some of the motivating factors behind the league’s new strategy and why other companies shouldn’t count out the slowly growing social platform.


The MLB chose to kick off their big Snapchat strategy in February during the start of spring training. They wanted to be able to “capture a part of baseball that not every fan gets to experience” as well as reach a completely new and young demographic. Stark stressed the importance of finding a true purpose before joining the social media platform. He did not want to just join for the sake of joining, and realized that in order to successfully launch this Snapchat campaign, he would need to fully understand why people were using the network. The MLB chose to not use Snapchat to post league news; there were other social platforms that achieved that. They wanted to use it to share fun and personable moments as if the fan was there. The best part about this social platform is that it allows the MLB to showcase all of their player’s upbeat and out there personalities.


Snapchat works for the MLB as well as many other business for the simple fact that it is a new and creative way to connect with fans in a way that has never been done before. The MLB is eager to adjust and adapt as the app does.


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