Serendipit uncovers how influential nostalgia can be implemented when into your marketing campaigns.

Nostalgia is a powerful thing. It’s why the hashtag #TBT is so popular across social media platforms. It’s why you’re bombarded with posts that say “Share this picture if you remember what this is!” with photos of outdated technology or previous generation’s toys. It’s why the shows Girls Meets World, a Boy Meets World follow-up, and the newly announced Fuller House were met with so much excitement. Nostalgia greatly resonates with the millennial generation, which is why many brands are incorporating the concept into advertising and social media campaigns.

Nostalgia is “a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past;” nostalgia marketing is when brands leverage the past to generate these feelings and ideally create a connection with audience members. While nostalgia is often bittersweet and reportedly can stem from loneliness and negative feelings, the presence of nostalgia can take people to a state of mind and make them feel a sense of purpose and social connectedness. People are then able to feel better about themselves – and hopefully feel the same way about the brand showcasing this nostalgia.

Though nostalgia is something that can be felt universally, it is exceptionally impactful when presented to the millennial generation. Often referred to as “90’s kids,” much of the millennial generation was forced to grow up during one of the hardest economic times in the United States, resulting in a longing for simpler times.

Nostalgia can also be especially great for a brand because an audience feels less connected to money and is more willing to spend. Between this and the feelings of connectedness that result from nostalgic feelings, incorporating this style of marketing into your campaigns is potentially beneficial for your brand. Companies such as Microsoft and Playstation have incorporated nostalgia into video content; both were met with much success.

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