Most music artists premiere new music videos on MTV or a similar television station. Some will post them directly to their website. Country superstar Tim McGraw, on the other hand, is trying a different approach when he releases his next music video.

On Monday, Tim McGraw will debut the video for his new single “Highway Don’t Care” ft. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. The interesting part about this isn’t the fact that McGraw is releasing a new video; he has released many during his time as a country superstar. The interesting part is how he is releasing the video.  At 2 PM on May 6th, McGraw will be premiering the video in a live event with Google+ Hangout.

This is the first time a music video has ever been premiered via a Google+ Hangout. The video will also be live-streamed on Youtube. McGraw’s out-0f-the-box idea allows him to instantly connect with a worldwide audience and receive instant feedback.

“This video is really more of a short film, and I think it will surprise everyone and hopefully leave a strong impression,” McGraw says. “Shane brought a lot of passion to the concept we worked on together, and it’s cool that we’ll be able to get an immediate live response from the fans when we introduce it.”

By hosting this event on a Google+ Hangout, Tim McGraw is making himself and his music more accessible to the common fan. McGraw will not only present his newest music, he will also chat with fans about a variety of topics during  the Hangout. Urban and Swift are also expected to make appearances on the Hangout.

McGraw is not the first celebrity to take advantage of Google+ Hangouts to appear more accessible. The Black Eyed Peas, The Muppets, President Obama, David Beckham, Conan O’Brian and even the Dalai Lama have all appeared on Hangouts in the past.  While the Hangouts are limited to 10 people talking, millions of people around the globe can tune in and watch.

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