Tips for a Successful Yelp Event for Your Retail Brand

Serendipit takes a look at tips for successful Yelp events.

If your company thrives on Yelp as one of the biggest social media traffic drivers and referrals, then you should consider a Yelp event. We recently hosted a few Yelp Elite events for our client, Marilyn Monroe Spas and have some great tips to ensure your event runs smoothly and results in instant buzz and check-ins on Yelp.

Try focusing on Yelp Elite coordinators to host a Yelp Elite event in tandem with another event you have going on, like a grand opening. The result, check ins, buzz and an active community to review and share your content.

Offer something to your guests that’s unique and showcases what your business has to offer. If you are in the service industry, add on a service that normally costs for free, such as embellished nail art or an upgrade to a manicure.

Provide an offer to incentivize your guests to come back and visit again. As you know, repeat business is the best kind of business. And it’s even better if they continue to check in and leave review and tips each time.

Communication is key! Be in constant communication with your Yelp Elite Coordinator. Planning is a must. These events book quickly, so it’s important to secure months in advance.

Swag is always a plus. Offer a take-away gift to your guests as a thank you for coming.

Don’t forget the little details. Make sure your salon or retail store offers an inviting atmosphere. We suggest adding in fresh flowers, champagne and small bites to instantly elevate the experience.

And don’t forget to get social. Make sure you have an event hashtag that incorporates Yelp and your brand. Don’t forget to incorporate event signage to showcase your social outlets, hashtag and what you are offering.

Need help pulling together your next Yelp event for your beauty salon or retail store? Let the experts at Serendipit assist you from start to finish. Contact us today!