Serendipit takes a look at how to curate your content for Student Housing Marketing

The definition of content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of content in order to gain customers and or followers. Today, content marketing is one of the largest challenges and opportunities for student housing brands. The search for shareable and engaging content can sometimes be frustrating, but your student housing community has an advantage. Here are some tips to create branded content for your Student Housing Community:

1. Allow your fans & followers to vote: By allowing your fans and followers to vote on an idea, you are letting them have a say in your community’s atmosphere. This can be something as small as a t-shirt design for an event, or something like which DJ should be at the next pool party. The results you receive from these votes can also help implement strategies in the future, since you already have this viable information about what your target market is looking for.

2. Offer a personalized brand experience to your followers: Content marketing is all about giving your fans something that makes them feel unique. When you are delivering information regarding your brand, try to personalize their experience. For example, if you manage multiple properties, try branded graphics that highlight each individual property. The extra work to provide a unique branded experience will keep your audience engaged.

3. Challenge your followers: One of the best ways to get the attention of your audience is by providing content that will challenge their minds. This content can be as simple as trivia questions regarding the town that your student housing community is located in. Fans are much more likely to come back to your brand if they learn something by interacting with you. Try to spice up your efforts by offering an incentive for these challenges, such as $50 off of rent or a free t-shirt.


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