Live video is no new phenomenon to the world. When Facebook Live launched in 2016, many businesses started jumping on the live video train. Facebook and Instagram’s recent live video success has overshadowed other live streaming apps. One such live streaming network being overlooked by marketers is Twitch.

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Twitch is one of the largest and most popular live streaming video platforms today. Their humble beginnings stem from being a video game live streaming platform that took the scene by storm. Twitch has grown rapidly and now they have expanded their offerings beyond just video game streaming. Twitch just recently launched a new category of live streaming called IRL (In Real Life) that is aimed at video blogging content such as cooking shows and tutorials.

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So why should businesses pay attention to Twitch? First off, there are over 100 million monthly viewers who visit the platform just for live video. Marketers hoping to find a niche audience for their live video strategy can find them at Twitch. If the growing viewer presence isn’t enough, brands can get involved with sponsorship opportunities to create exposure. Some of Twitch’s biggest streamers have over 1 million followers and provide sponsorship opportunities such as paid placements on their stream. Finding the right Twitch personality who aligns with your brand can be beneficial. Marketers can also look into launching an advertising campaign with Twitch to place ads within the website and streams.

The tech and gaming industry have capitalized on this opportunity, but now we must look to how other industries can utilize Twitch to grow their business.