Veyo, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is a full-service transportation brokerage designed specifically for healthcare. Veyo has reinvented the patient transportation model by integrating consumer technology with rideshare fleets to decrease costs and increase efficiency. Veyo is delivering dramatically higher levels of reliability, quality, and transparency to customers, partners, and members. The company operates in seven states with over 18 million completed trips, and a 97.1% on-time rate.

Challenge & Opportunities

Serendipit’s challenge was to create a robust social media program that provided creative content suitable for each hospital to use on their social media to raise brand awareness, as well as still allow some freedom for hospitals to create and share their own content. In addition, we saw the opportunity to revamp the blog program by refreshing older topics to optimize the content, as well as create a monthly calendar of topical blogs optimized for search in the greater Phoenix area.

Veyo hired Serendipit Consulting to develop a public relations strategy aimed at increasing active drivers in Arizona markets. The company also required press opportunities to improve brand awareness and shape a consensus around their positive on-time statistics and streamlined, proprietary technology. Serendipit took these points in stride, developing a multi-faceted PR plan that targeted business and consumer media outlets.



Through this campaign, Serendipit was able to position Veyo in a positive light, from business-angled pitches focusing on growth, to consumer-led stories like driver profiles.

TOP PLACEMENTS INCLUDE:  Fox10 Veyo Ride-along segment, Managed Healthcare Executive and Arizona Republic.

Beginning in April of 2019, Serendipit secured 36 media placements for Veyo on a national and state-level. These ranged from print, online and broadcast outlets — including trade/industry, business and consumer spreads.