Alas, the rebranding saga continues! This week’s narrative intertwines our affection for all things doughy, the latest escapades of Barbie, the timeless Google Doodles, and our relentless pursuit of exceptional new team members. The past week or so has been a whirlwind, to say the least, but it’s one worth exploring, so keep on reading.


X-cuse me? Elon Musk's recent rebranding of Twitter to "X" has certainly left the social media world (and everyone else) abuzz with curiosity. This unprecedented move has stirred confusion and debate within the online community. 

The rebranding of a major social media platform, especially one with tens of millions of active users, is uncharted territory. I mean, did he learn nothing from our last roundup? The whole thing about the grass not always being greener on the rebrand side, especially when it comes to loyalty and brand recognition? *sigh*

The change has ignited discussions on how to address Twitter's transformation into "X" and the impact on the lexicon that’s evolved around the platform over the years. As Twitter aficionados grapple with the shift, they’re left to adapt to the new norm, where what was once “tweets” are now posts, and "X" is the name that embraces the future of social interaction envisioned by Elon Musk.

What are your thoughts? And if you need a little more info before forming an opinion, the New York Times dissected it perfectly in their article HERE.


Bread (really any carb, for that matter) is our love language here at Serendipit. Our Sr. PR Account Executive, Lisa Sass, is already happily engaged, but if anyone was wondering the way to her heart…

It’s actually been scientifically proven that indulging in copious amounts of bread can boost productivity by a whopping 100%. Don’t look it up. Fact-checking is our thing; just take our word for it.


Introducing Chula Seafood! Founded in 2009 by the Heflin Family in sunny San Diego, CA, Chula is a family-run fishery that brings the pristine flavors of the Pacific Coast to us here in AZ. Every dish embodies the delicate sweetness and natural flakiness of the ocean, ensuring the freshest seafood experience. Whether you're shellebrating something special, impressing clients with a hot lunch spot, or simply satisfying your seafood cravings in the desert heat, Chula Seafood is the ultimate choice.


Had enough of Barbie yet? Too bad, it's this week’s trending audio. The “Barbie” movie has conquered the global box office in a strategic display of marketing mastery, and months of tactical planning paved its path to success, blending nostalgia with innovative tactics. 


⭐️ Kelley Bowman, recognized for being an unexpected presence.

⭐️ Justie Lim, recognized for doing the work to win.


The dynamic evolutions of Google’s search page designs over the years provide us not only with a splash of visual delight but also a powerful lesson in marketing and branding. 

From celebrating significant cultural moments to commemorating iconic events and even just featuring some simple interactive games, Google’s artistic homepage adaptations demonstrate the importance of staying relevant, engaging, and connecting with your audience on a personal level. 

Let’s take a look at some creative Google Doodles over the years. 

2010 Google Doodle celebrating Katsushika Hokusai's birthday with a captivating remix of his iconic artwork, The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

In 2010, 71 years after Wizard of Oz premiered, Google paid tribute with a Doodle featuring Dorothy and friends spotting the Emerald City, cleverly forming the logo.

In 2012, Google celebrated pioneering female pilot Amelia Earhart's 115th birthday with an illustrated Doodle depicting her on an airplane, incorporating 'Google' on the wings.

During the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Google took a stand against Russia's homophobic laws with a vibrant rainbow-hued Doodle.

The first AI-powered Google Doodle was introduced in March 2019 as an interactive experience, allowing you to compose a two-measure melody of your choice.


Helping our older readers decode the language of the younger generation. (Directly from the mouths of our Gen Z interns.)

  • Bet: This one’s versatile – it can be used to confirm something, meaning “yes,” comparable to the Millennial term “word.” Also commonly used to prove you’re up for a challenge. (i.e., “I dare you to jump off that bridge; you won’t.” “alright, bet.” *jumps*) Disclaimer: We strongly advise against this.
  • Big Yikes: When just a lil’ yikes is not enough. (i.e., “my mom called me 30 mins. after I broke curfew—big yikes”)
  • Let Him Cook: Let him do his thing, even if it seems unusual or has an unclear outcome. (i.e., *when Andrew tells a joke and you don’t know where he’s going with it but trust the process* “Let him cook!”) *Editors Note: They do, in fact, let me cook.
  • Smol: When something is small but also extremely adorable. (i.e., “the puppy was soooo smol 🥺”)


We’re searching for exceptional individuals to fill the roles of Social Media Coordinator, Social Media Strategist, and PR Account Executive. If you’re ready to dive into this energetic, fun-filled, sometimes positively chaotic environment, apply HERE

And just like that, we’re headed into the weekend. Be sure to check back every Friday for more exciting updates. For now, go check out Twitt—I mean—X! Just be aware of how many X’s you’re typing into your search bar, or you’re in for a real surprise. Enjoy!

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