Millennials are very much in tune with the marketing efforts of brands nationwide. Since they have had their hands on technology at a young age, millennials are dubbed the "digital natives." Many marketers try a "one size fits all" approach, which is often not received well by the young people they are trying to reach. Below, we outline five big brands that millennials love to hate. Some of these may surprise you.


Apple: This may come as a shock, but millennials are not a fan of Apple. According to marketing experts, one of Apple's largest failures was not allowing millennials to have a larger hand in shaping the brand. They want to "actively participate, co-create, and, most important, be included as partners in the brands they love," and Apple does not offer that to their followers.


EA: When it comes to the companies they love, millennials demand transparency. That is something that EA does not offer its consumers. The public perception of EA is that they are unwilling to take responsibilities to failures on their part.


McDonald's and Walmart: For millennials, social values play a big role in how they view and respect a brand. Brands like McDonald's and Walmart often don't have the same values as millennials, which creates a disconnect with the brand and they consumer.


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