The Best Apps to Travel with this Thanksgiving

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with the best apps to travel with this Thanksgiving.

While you are counting your blessings and sharing what you are thankful for next week, be sure to keep these mobile apps in mind to ensure a stress-free Thanksgiving holiday! Whether you are flying, driving, riding or biking, these apps will make your Thanksgiving more enjoyable and ease the process of traveling.

  1. Flight+: We all know and hate the common flight delays from airlines, especially during the holiday season. With the Flight+ app, you can monitor all of your flights with constant updates of weather and delay information.
  2. Connectify: This app allows you to connect to multiple wi-fi networks at one time, to ensure that you don’t have to compete for fast internet access. This is a great feature to have during your travels and also while you are at home with the family. Stream movies faster and entertain yourself during downtime.
  3. GasBuddy: Do you ever wonder if you are getting the cheapest gas while you are filling up your tank? This app locates all of the gas stations in your vacinity and informs you of the cheapest price. This is extremely useful for holiday road trips or even for short distance travel.
  4. Vonage Mobile: This is the holy grail for those of you who have family members who LOVE to talk. Vonage Mobile allows you to talk for free to ensure that you don’t go over on your monthly minutes.

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, look into having these apps for your holiday travels to ensure a smoothe and stress-free vacation. We wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving from Serendipit Consulting!