-Weekly Wrap-Up: Effective Facebook Posts-

Serendipit Consulting is wrapping up the week with tips on creating effective Facebook posts.

Our previous post this week discussed the importance of having a strong content strategy. The process doesn’t end there! Many businesses post content to Facebook everyday and while having a social media presence is important, there is a strategy involved to gaining and maintaining fans and followers. It is important to keep the following tips in mind in order to produce effective Facebook posts.

  1. Frequency – While simply posting once a day is no longer effective, brands that post too frequently are not accomplishing much either. Think of it as “crying wolf” – when consumers see an annoying amount of posts from a certain company, they start to ignore them, or even block their posts from their feed. You need to come up with a positive flow strategy.
  2. Engagement – This is crucial and cannot be said enough. Brands that engage with their followers are 100% more effective hands down. Many companies post their statuses and then click out of the screen for the day. That is how you quickly lose followers and a positive brand reputation.
  3. Relevance – It is important to have your brand’s personality shine through your posts, but the content needs to remain relevent to the industry. Fun and unique posts are key in order to trigger engagement, so think outside the box when posting for your company.
With so many potential consumers using social media in today’s society it is extremely pertinant to have a strategy for effective Facebook posts. Contact Serendipit Consulting today to come up with a creative and strategic plan.