Serendipit discusses the recent logo design updates for these two large companies.

If you've used Google at any point in the past few weeks, you've probably noticed that there's something different. Earlier this month, Google introduced a brand new visual identity, the most notable update being its drastic logo change. Many have considered this to be the biggest change to the brand since 1998.

Google ditched the recognizable serif font for a new sans-serif design. In addition, the company recreated that familiar blue lowercase “g” icon and replaced it with a multicolor capital G. Google says that this is because the company works across multiple platforms now and isn’t solely a search engine. With the new logo and accompanying animations and icon, the brand wants to keep the design “simple, uncluttered, colorful, and friendly” in all aspects of the brand strategy. Google’s change has been met with mixed reviews but overall has had a positive response.

Not too long after, Verizon introduced a new logo design, also ending its 15-year-run with the previous design. It is no longer italicized and the familiar red checkmark is now darker, smaller, and all the way to the right. Click here to see the new logo yourself.

Though Verizon has stated that it is meant to invoke an image of “simplicity, honesty, and joy,” many are not fans of this brand new design. Even T-Mobile’s CEO went out of his way to make fun of the new design on Twitter.

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