Serendipit explores some trendy terms being used by today’s college students.

We’re already in the month of July – August will be here before you know it. And you know what that means: back to school. College students will be making the journey back to their college campus and getting settled into their student housing apartment or residence hall just before classes start.

Are you ready to connect with your residents? Reaching out and relating to these members of Gen Z through your student housing marketing may not always be incredibly easy, but never fear! We’ve compiled some of the popular terms being used along with a sentence or two to really convey the definition. Try using one (or all!) of these in a sentence today:

Bae: Coming from the phrase “Before Anyone Else,” bae is being used to describe one’s significant other (more often than not in a sarcastic fashion).
“Bae made lasagna for dinner #culinary”

Squad: A group of friends; typically used to talk about you and your friends.
“Squad rolling up to Taco Bell for some Doritos Locos Tacos.”

TFW: Acronym for “The feeling when,” usually followed by a scenario and accompanied by the perfect image or video to demonstrate said feeling.
“TFW you finally drink your morning coffee [*followed by relatable gif of your choice]”

Goals : The definition of “Goals” is exactly what you think, though it is being used frequently as of late and often describes what is considered ideal – often in hashtag format.
“Katy Perry was so cool riding a lion at the Super Bowl – she is literally #goals”

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