It was a big week in the land of social media. From long awaited software updates (teaser: you can finally switch accounts on Instagram!) to new reports about the expectations users have when it comes to brands on social media, it was a whirlwind of a week to say the least. Stay in the loop and read on for an update on the top stories from social media this week!

Instagram Announces In-App User Account Switching via Instagram

Marketers and social media gurus rejoice! Account switching is now available on Instagram which means life just got easier for those of us who manage multiple accounts. To get this feature for yourself, go to your profile settings to add additional accounts. Once that step is completed, all you’ll have to do is tap your username to switch between accounts.

Twitter Introduces “First View” via Twitter

Twitter’s “First View” feature serves as a way to help marketers promote content in a highly engaging way. Marketers can receive access to the top ad slot in the Twitter timeline, the most valuable advertising real estate, for a 24-hour period. This feature is slowly being rolled out to page managers, with full availability in the coming months.

New Research Shows How Fast Companies Have to Be in Social Media via Jay Baer

According to Jay Baer’s blog on Convince and Convert, social media managers are expected by users to reply within 60 minutes, yet the average response time is five hours. Expectations are high and it’s important for managers to go above and beyond as it will determine the user’s satisfaction with your brand.

Twitter’s New Timeline is Here, What You Need to Know via Mashable

While the change is strictly opt-in for now, some Twitter users will see a major update to their timelines and the way in which they receive tweets. Twitter’s new algorithm will now show tweets based on relevancy rather than only chronologically. Refreshing your timeline will revert back to chronological order, but the “best” tweets will still come out on top. Top tweets will vary by user as it is based on the accounts users interact with most, interests and more. To update your account, go to your settings page and under content check the box that says “Show me the best Tweets first.”
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