Serendipit wraps up the week with a look at the rising popularity in digital webinars

With new technology surfacing every day, it may be difficult to keep up. Webinars are increasingly important in the learning aspect of marketing, and their popularity is on the rise. Marketers are starting to make serious purchase decisions regarding many things – one example is analytics software. When making serious purchase decisions, decision makers are more willing to invest the time to educate themselves.

Marketers are looking to take advantage of webinars’ ability to attract and hold audiences attention. Webcasts have seen a 47% increase in average viewing time this year, which makes this an important form of communication. There is so much information out there that is vital to marketers and by hosting a webinar you can show your knowledge to people looking to learn, as well as to your clients.

In order to be successful at reaching audiences during a webinar, you need to understand the current trends. The ON24 Webinar Benchmarks report looks at the how’s, what’s, and why’s of the current state of webcasting, and here are the trends that they reported:

The best days to hold a webinar: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Most webinar registration is the week of the webinar date which is 58%

There was an average of 28% registration on the day of a webinar

Webinars top interactive tool is the Q&A during and after the webinar

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