COVID-19 has left a lasting impression on businesses across the globe, from temporary shutdowns to extreme health precautions. Everything seems to be uncertain, but one thing is for sure: your business should utilize marketing and public relations now more than ever. During these trying times, the right communication tactics can have a huge impact on how customers view your business now, and for the future. With the market down and skepticism in the air, say hello to your businesses’ saving grace: public relations and marketing. (You’ll thank us later.)

Keeps Business at the Top of Minds

Incorporating public relations and marketing within your business plan will drive customers to your website while on the couch right now and even to your locations after the pandemic passes. The news has been absolutely bombarded with COVID-19 updates, so giving viewers a different option to explore will not only be a change of pace for them, but will stay on their mind when they are free of social distancing and self quarantining.

Customers are flooding the internet and social media with questions on how to beat boredom and kill time right now, so hop on the bandwagon! Try providing them with interactive videos and interesting content on your website, social media platforms, and local newspapers to keep their eyes off the clock.

Makes Business More Profitable in the Long Run

Customers are looking for absolute transparency right now, so communicating through public relations and marketing methods in an honest way is going to cause profits to surge. Instead of taking the backseat when customers are pinching pennies, put in the extra effort now so that when the market is back up, customers are more than ready to spend on your business. 

Earned and paid media for your business will attract more customers! From running stories in the local newspapers to strategically placing ads on social media, PR and marketing are sure to pay themselves off.

Builds Credibility, Trust, and Good Relationships in an “Off Season”

People across the country (and globe) are feeling especially skeptical right now about the pandemic itself, as well as government and business practices. The best thing your business can implement right now is being an open book. This vulnerability will eventually bring credibility, trust, and better relationships during this “off-season” and when it passes. 

Customers want their loyalty to be worked for, and undeniably like to be wooed by local businesses and large corporations. Reaching out to current and potential customers during the good times, and the bad times, will leave a lasting impression.

Fuels Proper Internal and External Communications

If your business feels lost right now, then this is the perfect time to enact professional, on-brand communication strategies, both internally and externally. It’s not easy to put pen to paper and get all your points across effectively. Don’t worry, that’s where public relations and marketing professionals come in, and work their magic. 

Communication is key. And that’s exactly what good public relations and marketing principles are founded on, and why these skills can transform any business’s success rate for the better.

Has your company put public relations and marketing practices on the backburner? If that’s the case, then this is your sign to start recognizing how essential these two methods are to any business’s outreach.