Marketing During the Holidays

Marketing during the holidays is key to many brands, but it’s essential to balance holiday-specific messaging with your overall brand positioning. Why is brand consistency important? Well, maintaining a consistent brand identity is smart because it boosts your brand’s value and strengthens its reputation and relationships you’ve developed. People often enjoy and instill confidence in familiar things, so consumers typically feel more confident about consistent brands – and not just the name. That’s why it’s imperative that you don’t deviate from your core brand traits during holiday marketing chaos. If your tone is typically light-hearted and humorous, keep it that way for holiday efforts. Throw in all the same puns and fun language you’d use any other time of the year. Consumers will be quick to call you out if you take a sharp left-hand turn.

Stay True to Your Brand

Consistency is the key here. Consumers need to consistently connect with your positioning and the identity you’ve worked so hard to establish. Take into consideration all of your brand identity elements: mission, voice/tone, messaging, tags, style, logos, typography, colors. Consistency should come through in all of these elements, and while you can tweak things slightly for the holidays, always stay in alignment with your core brand.

Know Your Audience

Understand your audience demographics, and tailor holiday messages to them. Remember, the holiday season means more than just Christmas and Hanukkah. Be mindful of the different holidays your audience celebrates, and speak to each of them. Do your keyword search, tap into nostalgia, provide gift suggestions, or create other festive topics that encourage consumer engagement. Launch holiday shopping campaigns – you can accomplish all of these efforts without compromising your core brand identity elements.

Take Your Time

A failure to plan will contribute to the chance of losing brand authenticity. When it gets down to the holiday rush, timing is crucial for marketers. Still, it’s never too soon to start thinking about ways your brand can leverage holiday fever and maximize their campaigns’ impact. Rushing only leads to disorganization, which will cause your messages to fall flat. Give some long and careful thought to your holiday marketing efforts; this will give you extra time to craft your message with consistency at the forefront.

Your identity is supposed to attract new business while also helping existing customers feel more at home. Remember, your brand is the public face of your business. The brand elements are what people directly associate with your brand. They need to be distinct, consistent and positively present your name – during the most wonderful time of year –and all the months in between.


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